About TJS

Thomas loves music. He loves to write, sing and play it. He creates pop-songs and classical compositions. He is currently working on new 2020 music!

Musical taste can be a funny thing, some people like hardcore, some people like jazz, and some people like classical music. 
For Thomas it was ment to be classical music. The first songs he would repeatedly listen to where symfonated tunes from a famous videogame. When he got older his taste changed to Chopin, Mozart and many more.

When Thomas was just 7 years old, he started taking piano lessons. After a few lessons it became clear that this was his thing he did not read the notes no, he rather played whatever his teacher showed him from his memory and hearings. 

After 13 years he still takes his piano lessons from the same teacher! Now learning to proffesionally write down songs, he has orientated himself into new working area's. He started taking singing lessons

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